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(Photo by Aimee Jeansonne Becka/Busch Gardens Tampa Bay via Getty Images)

One of the toughest hit industries in our state during COVID was our tourism industry. Things are coming back, thank goodness!

And Busch Gardens just announced they’re looking to fill over 700 positions at the amusement park in Tampa.

Neal Thurman, Park President of Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and Adventure Island. He said. “We have every job you can possibly think of. This is really like running a small city right here at Busch Gardens. If you want to be a painter, a carpenter, an electrician, a ride operator, or work in food or be a chef. Every single job you can think of, we’ve got them available…It is a phenomenal group of people that work here, and they had a great plan in place to create safe environments for the guests to come in and enjoy the park experience and still provide a great product in a safe way.”

If you are currently looking for a job and wondering how your experiences may help you land a job at Busch Gardens, Thurman has some good news. “You can actually come here with no experience. We can train you to go through the process, and who knows, it could be a great career. I tell people you think you are coming here just for a job, but it’s an adventure of a lifetime to work here cause you are surrounded by these amazing animals.”

The company is hoping to have all the positions filled by June.

Working with animals and being in a fun amusement park environment could make work feel like play.

You can check out what they’re looking for and how to apply here.

For more information on available jobs, click here.

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