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"Real American" wasn't Hulk Hogan's first entrance song.

While the WrestleMania stage is being built at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa for the WWE wrestlers for next weekend, I thought it’d be fun to take a look back in time. When I grew up watching pro wrestling in the 80s, the wrestlers had just started using entrance music. Hulk Hogan was probably the first. While everyone thinks of the song “Real American,” that wasn’t actually the first song Hulk used as a theme song. In fact, “Real American” wasn’t even meant for Hulk Hogan! More on that in a moment.

Back before lawyers and royalties got involved, the wrestlers came to the ring with some familiar Q105 hits playing over the arena speakers. If you go back and watch those matches now in the archives on the WWE network, you’ll notice there’s some pretty awful editing of the sound. WWE would have to pay pretty substantial rights to use that music even though it’s old footage. So now, editors have to dub in fake theme music. It’s why you don’t hear the commentators talking as the wrestlers head toward the ring. Their commentary would pick up the original song playing in the background. But if you somehow are able to get your hands on old VHS video cassettes recorded by fans back then, you’ll hear what the crowd heard… these 10 Q105 hits!

Can you think of any others? Leave me a comment in my Facebook group for old school wrestling fans! I was a big fans in the 80s and yours truly was even a pro wrestling ring announcer briefly in the 90s! Being 6’4″ and making the wrestlers look short put a quick end to that career path.

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