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With all of the work taking place at Walt Disney World in each of the park, one popular attraction had been demolished. Word is it will return in a new location.

Do you love tasting sodas from around the world? There was some disappointment when word came down that Club Cool was being removed. The Coca Cola sponsored store was filled with the soda company’s marketing products, however, it was well known for having a variety of sodas from other countries to sample. The samples were one of the few free items you can find when visiting a theme park.

Now word from the Disney Parks Blog is some good news. Epcot is adding a new store this summer to be named “Creations Shop”. The design of the store will be bright and open with glass walls that allow plenty of light inside. Right NEXT to Creations Shop is what we’re excited about. Club Cool will be adjacent to the new shop.

Check out this video of a sampling of each flavor. He does it right. Put the cup down, hit the button and let the fountain fill it to a pre-determined amount.

Epcot Coca-Cola Taste Test Around the World at Club Cool - Walt Disney World

Club Cool in Epcot has Coca-Cola flavors from around the world! Join me today for a taste test! What's your favorite and least favorite!?Join in on the magic...


We’ll have to wait for this summer to learn which nation’s flavors will be available. Beware if anyone suggests you try Beverly and has a smile on their face.
[Source: Disney Parks Blog]

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