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Roger Daltrey said he was terribly ill for a week following the photoshoot of The Who’s 1967 album The Who Sell Out.

The album cover famously features Daltrey in a bathtub full of Heinz baked beans. Daltrey tells Ultimate Classic Rock, “I ended up with a week in bed with either the flu or probably the worst cold that I’ve had in my lifetime and I put it down to the baked beans because they’d just come out of the fridge. They were freezing cold! I sat in them for twenty minutes until they had the great idea of putting electric fire round the back of the bathtub I was sitting in, which worked for a while.”

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And then, somehow, things got worse.

Daltrey explains that the fire, “…started to heat them up but then [the beans] started to cook. So my arse was roasting while my front was freezing and within 24 hours I was in bed with the sniffles. I don’t blame the beans, I blame the electric fire!

Speaking of Heinz baked beans, The Who partnered with the company for a run of limited-edition cans of beans in honor of the new reissue of The Who Sell Outwhich comes out April 23. Unfortunately, the cans have already sold out on TheWho.com, so if you want this piece of memorabilia, you’ll have to shop various secondary market websites.

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