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The Florida State Fair opens today in Tampa. There are some “gotta try that” creations and a few “uh, no thanks… hard pass” items on the menu. My bias for apple desserts will be a big factor here. When it comes to fair foods, I’m definitely more on Team Sweet than Team Savory. But this year, I’ll make a few exceptions.

There are gelato tacos. Peachey’s has a new spin on their famous Amish doughnut. There’s a unique burger and a vending machine staple has found its way on to a funnel cake. Let’s talk about the biggest new items you’ll be able to try at the 2021 Florida State Fair.

The one item that has made headlines more than any other this year is one in my “hard pass” column… the pickle pizza.  I like unique.  But maybe not THAT unique. My friend Rachel has this photo preview of some of the items I mentioned in this edition of the Geno Ate Tampa podcast.

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