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With these door cameras getting installed everywhere, we’re starting to see some of the strange stuff we never would have. A couple weeks ago, a woman was convinced her security camera showed a baby dinosaur running through her backyard. Now there’s a buzz today on social media about footage capture by a home security camera in the same area. Just like the “dinosaur,” this video was shot in Palm Coast, Florida. This new one shows two orbs of light and is leading everyone to speculate what is is we actually see.

The video is only about 5 seconds long. I personally think it looks like insects. Maybe they’re fireflies? But what’s with that trail behind them? What do you think it is? Tweet your thoughts @GenoRadio and I’ll include your theory below.

One Mystery Light in the Florida Sky Explained

There was also some online chatter of a strange light in the sky last week. That one we can easily explain.

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