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A Clearwater City Councilman’s winning lottery ticket was mistakenly thrown into the trash at a nearby market.

After the April 17th drawing, Clearwater Councilman Hoyt Hamilton took his lottery tickets to Publix. One of them was scanned and needed to be taken to a Florida Lottery office, as it won over $600. It wasn’t until he had gotten home that he came to the realization that he had the wrong ticket. Two tickets were scanned at Publix, and the clerk threw the wrong ticket into the trash.

Hamilton’s Powerball ticket matched five numbers. He needed to go back to the store. Councilman Hamilton went through the trash and was able to find his ticket. He was one of only two $1 million winners in that April 17th drawing.

The ticket has been cashed in, and Councilman Hamilton claimed a $760,000 payout.

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