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I’ve always loved celebrating my mom, stepmom, my Godmother…and all moms. Even if you haven’t birthed a child, we all have our maternal side. Mother’s Day became a whole new world of celebration for me four years ago when I had my daughter. Here are some of my fave Mother’s Day memories.

Here’s most recent. Me and my big baby. Davianna is one years old.

Mama And Davianna

Here is me and my daughter Evelyn Jade on our way to brunch yesterday.

Me and My Girl

Yes, she’s too old for a binky, but sometimes you have to treat yourself.

Rox and Ev J

Here is my mom and my daughter, Evelyn super excited about something!

Jammie And Ev J

Here’s my stepmom and Evelyn Jade…so much fun with Nana.

Nana and Ev J

Me on my first Mother’s Day after having Ev J.

Rox and Ev J

Me and my family at Hula Bay.

Rox Whole Family

Mother’s Day with mom and sis at East Lake Woodlands Country Club.

Rox Mom and Ange

Me as a baby with my Mama.

Mom and Baby Rox

And when she made me the most amazing lady bug birthday cake.

Lucky ladybug cake