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On top of everything else going such as coronavirus, we’re approaching that time again-the Atlantic Hurricane Season. This also means the state of Florida will have its annual Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday.

The Atlantic Hurricane Season is weeks away, beginning June 1 and running through November 30.

The dates for this year’s “Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday” are Friday, May 28 through June 6, 2021.

Here is a small breakdown of what qualifies for the tax holiday, according to a press release from the Florida Senate:

More items you’ll want to have in case of a hurricane that qualify for the 2021 Hurricane Tax Holiday:

  • Tie-down kits selling for $100 or less
  • Reusable ice packs selling for $20 or less
  • Portable power banks selling for $60 or less
  • Tarps selling for $50 or less

Don’t forget other basic hurricane emergency supplies: water (one gallon per person per day), non-perishable foods, first aid kits, manual can opener,

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