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Look! Up in the sky! It’s a…turkey vulture? A flock of them.

They are all over the place in Westchase. And they are wreaking havoc, tearing up homes.

Judy Oliveri spoke with folks from News Channel 8. She lives there and explains that the vultures are everywhere. They’ve been reproducing for the last three years. “We could have 20 to 25 vultures on our roofs. They land on our screens, their under feathers are all over the roof, their droppings are all over the place.”

Not only are they ruining some roofs, but people are scared about how they might harm their pets or kids.

“They are destroying our neighborhood and our property values. I would like them gone,” Oliveri said.

But don’t try to harm them to get rid of them…or do anything to them. This particular breed of bird is protected by the Migratory Bird Act of 1918.

They appear to be invading the neighborhoods because of all the construction going on. They’ve been uprooted.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is getting involved. They plan to remove and relocate the birds over the next few weeks.

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