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You know you’re having a bad day when…

you accidentally shoot yourself in the leg. This incident took a place at a Walmart in Largo around 9 P.M. on Saturday night. Thirty-year-old Kyle Griffith is up against felony charges after he accidentally shot himself in the leg. All he was trying to do was pick up a 24-pack of soda at Walmart.

Griffith was wearing a gun in his waistband without a holster. As soon as he bent over…Bam! The gun went off. Per the police affidavit, he incurred an injury to his upper right thigh.

A Largo police officer was standing nearby and watched Griffith slide the gun across the aisle to another gentleman, Griffith’s brother. The injured Griffith did not have a concealed permit to carry.

Griffith was arrested and charged with felony carrying a concealed firearm. According to the affidavit, This isn’t his first rodeo. Griffith was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed firearm back in March.

This all went down at the store on Missouri Avenue in Largo. Why does it always seem crazy stuff happens in Largo?

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