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We get plenty of “Florida Man” stories, but this one went just a step further.

A man went on a crime spree around Zephyrhills with seemingly no explanation. First, he broke into a seafood restaurant and stole the White Claws from their refrigerator and threw them into a retention pond. Then, he broke into a barbershop and stole clippers and scissors.

If that wasn’t enough, he broke into a carpet store and a cafe, where he stole cash. After that, he broke into a veterinarian’s office and a cat rescue store, where he stole medicine. Then he went home, but along the way he stole a neighbor’s Ring camera from their door.

He admitted to officers that it was he who broke into all of the businesses along with what he did with the items he stole. He’s facing multiple charges.

His name? Lawrence Franklin King Florida.

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