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My Memorial Day Weekend road trip took me through Orlando so I made the pit stop to see what the fuss is about with White Castle. I figured since the initial hysteria had passed when it opened a month ago, lines might be short. Wrong. It was about an hour, which honestly is about an hour too long.

Waiting at White Castle

Even after a month of being open in Orlando, the line was still about an hour long. This time lapse starts from when I got to walk in about 30 minutes into ...

When a chain comes to Florida, it’s big news. With all the transplants (like me) here, that little taste of home is a special thing. I didn’t grow up with White Castle so maybe that’s why this experience was completely lost on me.

To you White Castle “cravers,” sorry this just wasn’t my thing. Maybe it’s because we didn’t have White Castle where I grew up in Maine. Maybe it’s because it was daylight and I was sober. (White Castle is pretty popular with the late night crowd leaving the bar.) But this was a swing and a miss for me. The big regret is there’s a Portillo’s in the same plaza. I really should’ve stuck with that. While most love Portillo’s hot dogs and Italian Beef, I love their burgers.

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