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This could hold up some serious traffic.

MJ was out walking his two dogs, Scout and Gatsby, on Memorial Day. He noticed a car blocking the road in his neighborhood. It was parked in the middle of the road, in such an obnoxious way that cars couldn’t even pass it. MJ was watching cars drive through neighbors’ yards on the grass in order to get around the car. He wondered if the owner of the parked vehicle had to run inside in a hurry. But after a few minutes of waiting, no one appeared.

MJ knocked on the house where he thought he might find the owner of the vehicle. He told the woman who answered the door that there was a car blocking the road. At first, the woman didn’t know what MJ was talking about. But after seeing the car, she realized it was her mother’s caretaker’s car. She added that the caretaker “isn’t all there.” I guess not!

Here’s a picture of the car in the road. No wonder MJ did something. This roadblock could have been holding up traffic for a while.

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