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A 40-year-old Arizona man is facing charges after he was caught blowing up mailboxes with fireworks. John Janecek of Mesa, Arizona was caught on surveillance leaving the area where one of the explosions happened. Eventually, police were able to search his car, and found evidence on his social media accounts of him setting off fireworks. These crimes originally happened in mid-March.

When questioned by police in mid-April, Janecek originally denied any accusations. But after trying to explain his story, and eventually self-incriminating, it was clear to police that Janecek was the suspect. He then confessed at another interview, and was told to pay $30 in restoration of the first mailbox he exploded with fireworks.

MJ and the gang play “Are You Too Old for That?”


Maybe he got some inspiration from the Super Bowl…?

Maybe this guy got some inspiration from the Super Bowl?


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