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When you visit Florida, clearly you’re allowed to buy lottery tickets. This woman traveled to Florida and is taking home a big chunk of cash.

Danelia Flores-Garcia, 43, of Beach Park, Illinois spent $20 on a ticket from the “$5,000,000 Gold Rush Classics” scratch-off game. Danelia won a $1 million prize, and will take the one-time lump sum of $710,000 back to Illinois.

She bought her winning ticket in Greenacres, Florida at Greenacres Discount Food, located at 5390 10th Avenue N. and claimed her winnings at the West Palm Beach District Office. The store will get $2,000 for selling the winning ticket.

The “$5,000,000 Gold Rush Classic” features prizes from $20 to $5 million. There were 45 $1 million prizes, with 11 remaining. 2 of the 9 $5 million prizes also still remain.

Forbes’ 8 Best Florida Companies To Work For

Forbes put out with its annual list of the best companies to work for in America back in April. Florida had 8 employers on the list. Cisco and Hilton topped the list nationally, but what about here in Florida? These 8 companies made the prestigious list. [Source: Forbes]

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