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A Tampa woman won big from a Florida Lottery scratch-off game.

Wanda Brana, 55, of Tampa won $1 million from the “$5,000,000 Luck” game from the Florida Lottery. The game is a $20 scratch-off ticket.

The winning ticket was purchased at Rome Food Mart, located at 1615 West Sligh Avenue in Tampa. The store will receive a $2,000 commission for selling the winning ticket. Brana claimed his prize at the Florida Lottery Headquarters in Tallahassee. She chose to take the one-time payment of $760,000.

Wanda told the Florida Lottery how grateful she is to have won and how she plans to spend the money:

“I have been renting for years, but now I’m finally able to afford a house for my family and me!”

The “$5,000,000 Luck” game launched in September 2019 , and according to, there were 40 $1 million prizes available, 13 of which remain. There were 12 of the $5,000,000 top prize, 3 of which remain. The game has prizes ranging from $20 to $5,000,000.

So you’ve won the lottery. Now what? Here are 9 ways you could blow that money fast! How would you spend it?

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