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Yes, we know Clearwater Beach is the place to go, but now we have yet another publication telling us, and the rest of the word, just why it is.

As we step into summer, tourists are going to be flocking to beaches, which is something many travelers have not been able to do for over a year. Travel+Leisure put out a list of the Best Beaches in the U.S. to help make plans.

They listed Clearwater Beach, and here’s why. Travel+Leisure wrote of the white sand beach along the Gulf of Mexico. They focused on the Pier 60 area, with cabanas, and umbrella chairs and playground. Also mentioned are the sunsets and year-round fishing. Is there anything that we didn’t already know? It’s just great to see that the rest of the world knows as well.

What other beaches were on this list? If you are from the Tampa Bay area and have been enjoying summer already, you might also make plans to visit other parts of the U.S. as an escape from your everyday routine. For those who want to be a beach bum on someone else’s beach, click here to see the list of Best Beaches in the U.S. from Travel+Leisure.

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