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Brayden Point #21 of the Tampa Bay Lightning collides with Semyon Varlamov #40 after being crosschecked by the New York Islanders in the net during the first period in Game Two of the Stanley Cup Semifinals in the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Amalie Arena.

Oh NHL… sometimes you make it really hard to love hockey as much as I do. Even New York Islanders fans on social media were calling this one of the worst calls they’ve ever seen. And now the NHL is apparently trying to pretend it never happened.

The league posted this game recap video. In the over 9 minutes of highlights, they somehow didn’t seem to have enough time to include the clip of the controversial penalty that completely changed the complexion of the game. Oh sure they showed the New York Islanders power play goal that resulted and tied the game. But somehow they conveniently left the absurd call made by referee Dan O’Rourke that led to the Islanders power play on the cutting room floor.

Brayden Point was on a breakaway with a clear path to shoot in the slot. Before he could get the shot off, he was cross checked by an Islanders player. The force of the hit from behind led Point to collide with the Isles’ goaltender. Instead of the Islanders getting a cross checking penalty, POINT was penalized for goaltender interference… apparently because he hasn’t learned how to defy gravity and magically float over the net. Even though the NHL edited out this minor little moment in the game, fortunately it’s all over social media.

Some on social media called for O’Rourke to be fined. Later in the night, the hockey gods may have corrected the situation. The Lightning scored while having an extra player on the ice. Although that’s something they didn’t see. The Point situation happened right in front of them.

Dan O’Rourke and Francois St. Laurent will hopefully have the night off Thursday night when the series moves to Long Island. In fact, let’s hope they have a few months off. The NHL should only have the best of the best officiating at this point in the playoffs.

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