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Some just aren’t cut out for a life of crime. Two Florida men have been arrested and charged with larceny and property damage after trying to rob… a laundromat. But when you see their last names, maybe it was fate.

Putnam County Sheriff's Office

Putnam County Sheriff’s Office

36 year old Chet Daniel White and 40 year old William Halrey Shortsleeves paid a visit to the Crescent City Laundromat this week. They broke locks and stole quarters, according to police in Putnam County. They made a clean getaway at first, but the Tide turned and they were caught and arrested the next day. They were transported to jail. If they want to Bounce, Shortsleeves was held on 12,000 quarters bond. White won’t have to break as many bills. His bond must have had some softener… it was set at 4,000 quarters.

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Laundromat file photo. These are not the supsects. 🙂 (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

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