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When a man from New Jersey was facing fraud charges, hid hid far away, faking his own death.

A man from New Jersey faces a lengthy prison sentence later this year. Back in 2014, he took out a fraudulent loan. He then faked his own disappearance from a boat.

With help from another man, a boat was taken from a marina, and the charged man was dropped off to a third conspirator. When the boat was returned, it was intentionally crashed, leading the U.S. Coast Guard, along with emergency responders, to search for the passengers.

While the Coast Guard spent two days searching for the man, the man came to Florida. Finally, in 2015, he turned himself in to authorities and admitted to what had been done.

He pleaded guilty to charges of fraud and causing the Coast Guard to render unnecessary aid.

Here’s a video explaining what happened in New Jersey.


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