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If you’ve been outside at all, you know we have mosquitos all over the Tampa Bay area. Here’s what is being done in Hillsborough County to battle possible diseases carried by mosquitos.

According Hillsborough County Mosquito Management, there are over 40 species of mosquitoes in the county. We don’t like any of them. Here’s what the county is doing with the Mosquito Management Program.

There are flocks of chickens located throughout the county that are used for testing. The county tests for diseases including West Nile virus antibodies, St. Louis encephalitis, eastern equine encephalitis, and Highlands J virus.

To control mosquito populations,  they’re using biological tools, trapping and removing breeding locations. Spraying also will continue to take place from the street and from above.

If you have an issue in Hillsborough County, you can click here to alert the county of mosquito-related issues.

Here are some simple ways to help reduce chances of being bitten by mosquitos from Hillsborough County Public Works:Cover exposed skin by wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants, etc. Use an insect repellent containing DEET on exposed skin. Make sure window and door screens are bug-tight. Check your screens periodically to make sure there are no holes, and replace worn screens. Try to stay indoors during prime mosquito times of dawn and dusk

Here are some ways to keep mosquitos away. Check out where mosquitoes like to breed:

  • Rain gutters: Keep clear of leaves and other debris
  • Low areas: Do not over water lawns or gardens
  • Fountains and bird baths: Clean or hose out weekly
  • Potted plant saucers: Don’t over water-Flush out saucers with a hose or drill holes in the bottom to allow for better drainage
  • Water bowls for pets: Rinse and fill with fresh water 1 to 2 times a week
  • Store containers upside down, cover or place in a sheltered area
  • Replace damaged hoses and fix leaky faucets and pipes
  • Pools and spas: Maintain even when not in use
  • Remove standing water from the top of pool and spa covers
  • Tires: Drill holes in tire swings. Recycle used tires or store in a covered area
  • Rot holes in trees: Be aware that water can collect in rot holes, crotches and dead tree stumps. Check with an arborist for best way to manage water or fill cavities
  • Ponds: Stock ornamental ponds with mosquitofish. Keep ponds free and clear of excess vegetation
  • Boats: Cover with a tight-fitting tarp
  • Trash bins: Keep lids shut tight and remove any water that may accumulate inside

You can visit here to sign up for notifications of mosquito spray missions.
[Source: News Channel 8]

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