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If you’re looking to provide your own fireworks show in lieu of going to see one of the big shows in the area, Pinellas County is saying ‘no’.

In 2020, a new law was enacted that would legalize fireworks on three holidays each year. Local governments, however, may make laws that supersede the state’s law.

Pinellas County’s law on personal fireworks bans the “retail sale, purchase or use of fireworks”. The ban does have the exception to sparklers or “paper caps”. If you plan to have a public display of fireworks, you must get a permit from the local fire district.

In Florida, the current law allows legal use of fireworks on only three days on the calendar: New Year’s Eve, New Years Day and July 4th .

Click here for details and safety recommendations for fireworks, pets and military veterans.
[Source: News Channel 8]

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