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So happy to share with you news about a great non-profit organization that takes a really unique approach to dealing with bullies.

The non-profit is called Amrak. Amrak is Karma spelled backwards. The goal of Amrak is to help kids undo their negative feelings that came as a result of feeling bullied. How do they do that? By putting the kids in movies, music videos and community activities. This allows them to tell their stories and build confidence.

Sean Roberts created Amrak six years ago, and the responses he’s gotten from those who’ve participated in the program is truly amazing. And by the way, the program isn’t limited to those who’ve been bullied. He even brings in the bullies to help them overcome issues they’ve been dealing with.

You can find out how kids can be a part of this wonderful program and find out how to see films that have been produced by Amrak by visiting their website.

I really enjoyed chatting with founder of Amrak, Sean Roberts. You can hear our discussion here on The Current.

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