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Living in Florida has its perks. The weather, the beaches and special offers from our theme parks!

Walt Disney World can be pricey, but for Florida residents each summer, Disney offers a special deal. Normally, the price of an individual park pass can begin at over $100 per day. When these Florida resident deals become available, they’re almost too good to pass up.

For a multi-day ticket, the more days on the ticket, the lower the price per day. The Florida resident passes can be purchased in 2, 3 or 4 day versions. For a two-day pass, you pay $150 (plus tax). That’s $75 per day (plus tax…we’re going to stop adding ‘plus tax’ after each time we list a price, but you know it’s there). A three-day pass brings the price down to $62 per day ($185), and the four-day pass is just $54 per day ($215).

If you get these tickets, they can be used on consecutive days or nonconsecutive days. They just have to be used by September 17, 2021. That surely gives plenty of time to visit 2, 3 or 4 times over the summer. There are also other benefits you can add to the passes, including the Park Hopper and the Water Park and Sports option, but that will just raise the price.

You will need to make park reservations for the days you’d like to visit Walt Disney World. Download the My Disney Experience app and you’ll be able to make park reservations, dining reservations, find out what the wait times are for rides and more.

If you do take advantage of these Florida resident tickets, just remember, you’ll be paying to park. However, there are some ‘tricks’ you can add into your day. One is that if you want to avoid paying to park, make a breakfast reservation at a resort. You’ll be able to park for free at the resort. Then you can go to a park and leave your car at the resort. Shhh… we didn’t tell you that. One other thing, if you do make a breakfast reservation, they will charge your card if you don’t show, so enjoy breakfast!

Click here for details for the Florida Resident Summer Fun Ticket Offer.

Geno’s shots from Walt Disney World’s “20 Magical Reasons” event

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