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70 year old Howard Tenen definitely thinks shopping at Publix is a pleasure. Channel 8 reports he’s the first big winner of the Florida Lottery‘s new “$5,000 A Week For Life” scratch-off game. Howard opted to just take the money and run in a big lump sum payment so he walks away with almost $5 million… $4.66 million to be exact.

He bought the ticket at a Publix in Plantation, Florida which is near Fort Lauderdale. To play, the ticket costs $10. So technically, Howard only won $4,699,990. The game has four top prizes of $5,000 a week for life. So there are 3 others out there somewhere. The Florida Lottery says the overall odds of winning any of the cash prizes in the game are one-in-3.35. That Publix store gets a piece of the action too – they get $10,000 for selling the ticket. [Source: Channel 8]

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