If you are in a stolen car and want to stay on the down low, an airport runway is probably not your best bet. IONTB reports 36 year old Hamilton Moreno from Tampa has been arrested. Police say he crashed through some fencing at St. Pete Clearwater International Airport this morning.

Witnesses alerted airport security when a suspcious vehicle was driving around parked airplanes just before 5AM. When deputies tried to stop him, they say Moreno sped off down the runway. Unfortunately for him, the vehicle didn’t have the capability to fly.

Moreno pulled into a hangar and tried to make a getaway on foot. Authorities found him in the cockpit of a C-130. Turns out the vehicle had been reported stolen last night (July 16). Moreno has been charged with grand theft auto, fleeding and eluding officers, burglary, and criminal mischief among other charges.

The good news is nobody was hurt and no planes were damaged. Moreno is now behind bars at Pinellas County Jail. [Source: IONTB]

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