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Part of the answer is pretty easy, and the other part is a little more difficult.

What is red tide?

First thing that we need to know is what red tide is. An algae known as Karenia brevis is found naturally in the Gulf of Mexico. At times, however, it’s found in such high concentrations that will discolor water and will kill off fish and other sea life with toxins. This isn’t rare, but this year’s red tide seems much more severe.

Is it safe to eat seafood?

For some seafood, including shrimp, snapper and grouper, the answer is yes, it’s safe to eat. Those fish and shellfish are found offshore. The algae bloom is found closer to the coast.

For other fish, it becomes a little more difficult to answer. For fish found closer to shore, such as mullet, trout, clams and oysters, it’s more about where they were caught. If they were brought in from areas unaffected by red tide, they should be safe to eat.

In most restaurants and stores, seafood should be safe because it is monitored for safety.
[Source: News Channel 8]

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