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Robby Steinhardt, a founding member of Kansas, has died.

Robby joined Kansas in 1973, and became part of the band that gave Kansas its signature sound. His violin playing on “Point of No Return” and “Dust in the Wind”. Robby left Kansas in 1983, but would rejoin in 1997. Since then, he would occasionally appear with his Kansas bandmates for a show. Following his time with Kansas, Robby moved to the Tampa area.

After Kansas

Following his time with Kansas, Robby moved to the Tampa area. In 2013, he suffered a heart attack that required quadruple bypass surgery. Despite doctors telling him that he’d never be able to sing again, Robby beat the odds and got back on stage to sing and play the violin.

In fact, he continued playing violin for the past few years with his band Stormbringer (formerly Steinhardt-Moon). With Stormbringer, Robby was able to play “The Music of Kansas,” and did so around the Tampa Bay area with a legion of loyal fans. He also took the show on the road, including performing in Las Vegas.

Beginning a new chapter

Robby had also appeared on other projects, including the Jon Anderson “1000 Hands: Chapter One” that was released in 2019. Shortly after, he began working on his first solo album, and was planning a tour. The album had just been completed before Robby went into the hospital in May.

Robby’s wife Cindy posted to Facebook

Our final journey started May 13 when Robby was admitted into the hospital with acute pancreatitis. Later that night he went into acute septic shock and was placed on life support. Outlook was very grave as he wasn’t expected to live through the night.

Like the true fighter he is, he managed to spring back much to the amazement of his entire medical staff. Once again he cheated death and the road to recovery had begun.

65 days later, on the day he was to be released from medical care and move to the rehabilitation center to build his strength, his body had other plans. A fever set in, blood pressure became uncontrollable, the sepsis reared it’s ugly head again.

The medical staff at Tampa General stabilized him, he greeted me with a smile, open arms and kisses.
His daughter Becky called. They had a beautiful, happy, conversation together.

6 minutes later as I held him to keep him warm, he died in my arms at 6:30pm Saturday July 17, 2021.

Robby was a friend to Q105 and on occasion visited the studios. Mason Dixon’s producer Andrew was friends with Robby and his wife Cindy and enjoyed the opportunities to talk to and spend time with them.

Robby will be missed.

Robby Steinhardt and Stormbringer
(Photo by Cindy Steinhardt/Steinhardt Studios)

Kansas - Dust in the Wind (Official Video)

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Photo By Cindy Steinhardt/Steinhardt Studios

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