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Another of the state’s tax breaks for consumers is coming up as we approach the Fall semester.

There are a few items of clothing or accessories that are surprisingly on the list that qualify for the tax exemption.


The back-to-school tax holiday runs from July 31, 2021 until August 9, 2021, a 10 day span for the annual event. The Florida Department of Revenue has given the tax break on:

What is NOT exempt?

• Any item of clothing selling for more than $60;
• Any school supply item selling for more than $15;
• Books that are not otherwise exempt;
• Computers and computer-related accessories purchased for commercial purposes;
• Rentals or leases of any eligible items;
• Repairs or alterations of any eligible items; or
• Sales of any eligible items in a theme park, entertainment complex, public lodging establishment, or airport.

For more details on what items are exempt, click here.

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