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With all the crazy weather we get in Florida, especially this time of year, we tend to view those weather guys and gals we see on TV as personal friends. We welcome them into our homes every night. So when one steps away from the desk, it’s a big deal for us.

Channel 8 meteorologist Steve Jerve announced tonight that he’s going to retire after his final broadcast August 6. In a statement on his Facebook page tonight, Jerve says it’s “time to set aside the weather clicker and start the next part of my life.”

Jerve made it a point to mention that the decision was his own. He got his start in Orlando. He’s spent 23 years at Channel 8 and 40 years in television. His Channel 8 colleagues told viewers to keep an eye out as they dig through the archives to show highlights of Jerve’s biggest moments on the air over the years.

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