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WASHINGTON - AUGUST 16: A United Airlines aircraft passes by a Continental Airlines aircraft as it taxis to takeoff from the runway of Ronald Reagan National Airport August 16, 2006 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

It’s never good to joke about guns at an airport.

A United Airlines flight headed to Orlando from San Francisco was halted after a teenage boy used AirDrop to message other passengers a picture of a toy gun last Thursday. Officials forced passengers to get off the plane to be inspected for security purposes, and the teenager was kicked off of the plane.

According to San Franciso International Airport spokesperson Doug Yakel, passengers began receiving pictures of an airsoft guns through their iPhone software, AirDrop. The airsoft gun, which resembled that of a real gun, caused alert in the cabin. After the passengers were escorted off of the plane, officials did a thorough inspection for any threat. Yakel says the teenage boy didn’t have the airsoft gun in his possession. It was a picture from a previous time.

You can read more on the story here.

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