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What is it that kids are being reward for doing?

Tampa’s police aren’t just looking for people violating the law. They are also keeping an eye out for kids who are doing good things. They want to reward kids for “doing the right thing” with a “citation” for a free pizza.

What qualifies as the right thing? Using traffic signals and crosswalks to cross the road. Doing a good deed. In short, behaving ‘good.’

The program began on July 26 and will carry though the summer.

Tell us what you think of the plan. Do you think it’s a good idea to reward good behavior? What other ways would you go about showing appreciation to kids who do “the right thing”?

ATTENTION! The Tampa Police Department will be issuing a new citation beginning today! We will be keeping an eye out...

Posted by Tampa Police Department on Monday, July 26, 2021

[Source: Tampa Bay’s 10]

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