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If you’ve ever been to Kojak’s House of Ribs in South Tampa, you know that it’s one of the best places you can find local ribs in town. Unfortunately, that all comes to an end this weekend.

Chris Forney, owner of the staple barbecue restaurant, announced in May that Kojak’s House of Ribs would be closing this summer. The time has caught up to us, and the final day of operation is Sunday, August 1.

Kojak’s House of Ribs is famous for its barbecue, sangria, and almost one century-old house that establishes a historic feel to the fast-growing area of South Tampa. Forney was offered a deal he couldn’t refuse, according to Fox 13 News, and he decided to sell the property, which will soon become a townhome complex.

But this isn’t the end of the story for Kojak’s House of Ribs. Forney plans on opening a new location to a smaller location. But as of now, we aren’t sure where or when this will happen.

If you want to get one last taste of Kojak’s House of Ribs before it closes its doors for good, you can order take-out or dine-in at 2808 W. Gandy Boulevard in Tampa.

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