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This is not your “normal” Walt Disney World Resort hotel. In fact, there’s little to which you can compare this experience.

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is a new totally immersive experience for the Star Wars fan. The Star Wars fan with plenty of extra cash. A two-night stay that puts guests in a “Galactic Starcruiser” where they can become part of the story.

Here’s what makes staying at this resort special.

Not only can you become a part of the story, but you can also learn how to use a lightsaber. You’ll also be shown how to work on the bridge of the ship. A trip to Batuu, inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios, will get you on Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run.

Dining and refreshments will be included in your stay at this resort. You’ll also be encouraged to wear your appropriate Star Wars wardrobe to fit in. How you dress will be up to you.

And how much is this uniquely immersive adventure going to cost? Here’s a sample pricing from Walt Disney World. Hold on to your seat.

In a standard cabin with two guests:

  • For two in a cabin, it starts at $1,209 per person per night, for a total of $4,809.
  • For three in a cabin, two adults and a child, it becomes a little more price effective: $889 per person per night, for a total of $5,299.
  • For four guests, three adults and a child: $749 per guest per night, for a total of $5,999.

These are sample prices for bookings for most weeknights between 8/20/2022 to 9/17/2022.

Do these prices seem reasonable? Would you compare them to taking a Disney cruise? The hardcore Star Wars fan can certainly get their fix, but it will cost them.

[Source: News Channel 8]

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