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CLEVELAND, OHIO - OCTOBER 15: A Frontier Airlines plane is parked at a gate at Cleveland Hopkins Airport on October 15, 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio. Recently diagnosed Ebola patient, health care worker Amber Vinson, traveled on Frontier Airlines from Dallas to Cleveland with a low fever on October 10, and returned to Dallas on October 13. The aircraft has since been decontaminated and put back in service. Nurse Amber Vinson joins Nina Pham as health workers who have contracted the Ebola virus at Texas Heath Presbyterian Hospital while treating patient Thomas Eric Duncan, who has since died. (Photo by Michael Francis McElroy/Getty Images)

A 22-year-old Ohio man was duct-taped to his seat on a flight from Philadelphia to Miami after causing disturbance on a Frontier Airlines flight Sunday. Maxwell Berry allegedly groped two flight attendants and punched a third, according to a police report from the Miami-Dade Police Department. The report also stated that Berry became intoxicated during the flight. He is being charged with three counts of battery.

In a video first obtained by Local 10, Berry can be seen yelling profanities at other passengers and causing disturbance in the cabin. It was soon after when Berry was duct-taped to his chair by flight attendants.

You can watch the video here. (Warning: Explicit language)


Frontier Airlines said the flight attendants have been “relieved of flying pending completion of an investigation.” The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA supports the decision to duct-tape the passenger, according to The Washington Post.

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