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Among the greatest coaches of all time, Bobby Bowden was far more to a state that loves its sports.

In July, we reported that he had been diagnosed with a ‘terminal condition’ which we later learned was pancreatic cancer. His passing was announced Sunday morning.

Born in Alabama, Bowden played high school football and went on to become quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide. Because of team rules, Bowden left so he could marry as a college freshman. He continued his college playing days at Howard College where, after graduating, he became an assistant coach.

Bowden became head coach at South Georgia College, then at Howard, and then in 1963 at Florida State University as a position coach. After coaching at West Virginia, he returned to FSU as their head coach in 1976. It was his tenure in Tallahassee that developed Bowden into a college football legend.

As head coach, Bobby Bowden has the second most wins in Division 1/FBS history. He retired from coaching following the 2009 season. Many stand-out names have posted following the news of his passing.

FSU President John Thrasher put out a statement on Twitter


Coach Bobby Bowden through the years

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