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Iron Gwazi opens in March 2022!

The world has been unpredictable the past few years. Yesterday, Busch Gardens announced that their much anticipated opening for Iron Gwazi is coming in March. The opening has been pushed back thanks to our friend COVID-19. The park has reopened to guests, but Iron Gwazi has still yet to open its gates. Many bought an annual pass or “fun card” a while back hoping to ride the coaster when it was originally supposed to open. For those former pass holders, Busch Gardens is extending an invitation to be among the first to ride Gwazi – even if they’re no longer a pass holder.

Iron Gwazi will be North America’s tallest hybrid coaster and the fastest and steepest hybrid coaster in the world. Roller coaster enthusiasts around the globe are planning on a trip to Tampa to ride it.

For those who let their pass expire, here’s the deal. If you purchased a Fun Card or an Annual Pass on or after September 6, 2019 that will no longer be valid in March 2022, go to this link to see if you’re eligible to ride during “a pre-selected time period.” You’l want to act by September 30, 2021, according to a Busch Gardens tweet.

My favorite thing at Busch Gardens…

I can’t believe it took me dozens of visits to Busch Gardens to finally notice this!

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