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Walmart made the announcement that a store in Tampa will need to be shut down for a few days to sanitize the store.

The company program to bring in a third-party to clean the building will cause a closure of the store for a couple of days. Thursday, Walmart corporate announced the Superstore location at 1720 E. Hillsborough Avenue in Tampa will need to be closed temporarily. The closure will continue until 6 a.m. Saturday, August 28.

During this time that the store is being cleaned, associates will also have the opportunity to restock shelves.

As Walmart has said in similar closures, a statement read:

“As an essential business and a member of the Tampa, FL community, we understand the role we play in providing our customers with food, medicine and other essential items, especially at this time.

As you know, several areas across the country have begun seeing a renewed increase in positive COVID-19 cases, and we want to assist health officials working against the pandemic. In support of this effort, we have chosen to temporarily close our Tampa, FL location at 1720 East Hillsborough Ave. today at 2 p.m. as part of a company-initiated program. This will allow extra time for a third-party specialist to further sanitize the store and will also give our associates additional time to restock shelves and prepare the store to once again serve the community. We plan to reopen the store to customers at 6 a.m. on Aug. 28.”

You can click here for more information on Walmart’s response to Covid-19.

[Source: ABC Action News]

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