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Last Friday night, cell phones getting a workout at Freestyle Explosion Throwback Jam. Fans who wanted to remember the night snapped photos of Stevie B, Lisa Lisa, Expose and all the other performers. Many also recorded video with their phones. That won’t happen at Amalie Arena tonight.

Would you be ok with your phone being taken away if you went to a concert? Comedian and MMA commentator Joe Rogan is performing at Amalie Arena in Tampa. If you hope to snap a photo with the friends you go with or share a funny moment on Instagram, you’re out of luck. Cell phones are banned inside the arena, according to the Amalie Arena website.

It’s not just cell phones. Even smart watches are prohibited at “The Sacred Clown Tour.” When attendees arrive tonight, their gadgets will be put in secured pouches. They can only be opened after the event is over. You will, however, be able to keep your possessions on your person. You just won’t be able to use them. Amalie Arena this morning tweeted an infographic of how it works. When you get in, your phone will be slid into a “Yondr” case. It then locks. After the show, you will need to go to an “unlocking base” in the lobby to open the pouch.

If somehow you do manage to use one of these banned devices and are caught, security will escort you out of the building. Don’t expect a refund. According to the Amalie website, you CAN bring a camera… if you still have of those point and click types. But if it can record audio or video, you’ll probably want to leave it behind.

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