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There’s been enough depressing stuff in the news lately so one Channel 10 reporter got to do a report that’s a little more fun. Their reporter got the dream assignment – go find out how to make the perfect, authentic Tampa-style Cuban Sandwich.

This week we celebrated National Cuban Sandwich Day. The debate could go on for hours where the best place is to celebrate it in the Tampa area. We’re lucky. We have tons of great spots to choose from. But certainly everyone’s Top 10 list would include La Segunda in Tampa.

La Segunda says there are 5 simple elements to creating the perfect, authentic Cuban Sandwich: the meat, the cheese, the sauce, the pickles and the press. If you want to get it right, watch this video.

First you start with fresh 9 inch bread. Next it’s that special sauce. And La Segunda makes no secret of what the essential ingredients are: it’s a mayonnaise and mustard blend with garlic powder and pepper. Then you’re ready to start building the sandwich. Up first is the salami, then pickles, then Swiss cheese, and finally the ham and pork. Once you’ve got it all piled on, before they take it to the press, they coat with some butter so your sandwich isn’t dry. Press for a minute. Cut it in half and voila: the official Cuban Sandwich from La Segunda.

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Some teasing pics from La Segunda

While they may be most known for those Cuban Sandwiches, I’m all about their pastries.

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