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This is one way to wrap up a nice evening out.

A Tampa man was arrested Saturday night after he led cops on a high-speed chase in Clearwater after a first date. Clearwater Police Department says that 22-year-old Taylor Beverly was driving his 2017 Suzuki motorcycle with a female passenger when he decided to run a red light.

After officers proceeded to make a traffic stop, Beverly decided to accelerate to a speed “well over 100 mph.” Beverly began weaving in and out of traffic and ran even more red lights, according to the police report obtained by The Smoking Gun. Officers proceeded to stop the chase to prevent any fatalities.

Eventually, Beverly was caught by police when he stopped at an intersection. He admitted to police that he was just trying to show off for his date. The woman claims she was screaming at him to stop, but he didn’t listen.

“Showing off” resulted in Beverly being booked in the Pinellas County Jail for fleeing police at a high speed with disregard for the safety of others. He was released Sunday on a $10,000 bail.

Roxanne reenacted how the date might have gone down.

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