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A smart move by the Tampa Bay Rays.  Even though they’re finishing red hot with a big lead in the AL East, the team has brought back something many fans have been hoping for: cheap tickets!

The team did this a couple years ago and there was a very noticeable difference at The Trop.  It was loud.  And that’s just what the team needs now as they hope to finish the job and make another run for the World Series. It’s a smart move too because the Bucs and Lightning are starting their seasons. Although TV ratings for the Rays are strong, attendance problems are pretty much exclusive to the Rays. The Bucs have sold out tickets for the entire season. And it’s hard to find a Lightning ticket for under $50.

The Rays announced tickets will start at $10.  Plus there will be concession stand specials like $5 beers, $4 soft drinks and $5 popcorn and candy. Now you won’t be sitting behind home plate for that price. That $10 ticket price will get a ticket in the outfield or on the 200 level.

You can see the Rays play the Detroit Tigers September 16-19, the Toronto Blue Jays September 20-22, and the Florida Marlins in the last regular season home games from September 24-26.

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