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There’s a cool campaign happening right now. It’s called Clear The Shelters.

It’s a collaboration between SPCA Tampa Bay and WFLA News Channel 8. They are holding a nationwide pet adoption event. It’s going on from August 23rd through September 19th.

SPCA Tampa Bay Chief Marketing Officer Eric Keaton provides for introducing adopted animals to your family. “If you have a dog, bring them out for a proper introduction. Our volunteers and staff will help with that as well.”

People who adopt pets feel so much joy from their fury friends. If you are thinking about adopting a precious pet, you can find out more on the SPCA Tampa Bay website.

“I think adoptable friends make a great family friend. A lot of folks, when they release a dog out to us, they have different situations and that doesn’t mean anything on the animal. These are great animals that we have here,” Keaton said.

If you want to search for more information on the socials, check out @ClearTheShelter and hashtag #ClearTheShelters.

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