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Police are looking for the driver of a champagne or green Cadillac CTS with a Mississippi license plate, according to the Tampa Bay Times. A road rage incident at about 2pm yesterday (September 12) ended in gunfire.

The incident happened in Tarpon Springs. It started off Highway 19 near the intersection of East Lake and Keystone. According to the police, the driver of the Cadillac cut off the driver who was shot at. When they got to Highway 19, it happened again. Once they got on to the highway, an unknown number of shots were fired from a handgun.

The good news is nobody seems to have been hurt. Police say the damage from the gunshots were to the rear passenger side. ABC Action News says the suspect they’re looking for is described as a heavier set black male, about 30 years old with short hair and no facial hair. They think the Cadillac was a model from around 2012. If you were on Highway 19 at the time Sunday afternoon and can offer any help, you’re asked to call (727) 938-2849. Ask for Detective Andrew Warwick. [Sources: Tampa Bay Times, ABC Action News]

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