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It’s that same old story, a surfing competition is interrupted when a shark is sighted nearby. One young surfer manages to stay calm.

Tanner is the youngster who is the center of activity in this video clip. He was competing in the Gnarly Charley Surf Contest at Florida’s Satellite Beach.

The video was put together to make it a little more exciting. However, when you see just how close the shark is to Tanner, it’s not all fun and games. When a wave crests, you can see the shark through the water just beyond Tanner’s board, about a little over 1:00 into the video.

Kid Saves Himself From Shark Attack | Satellite Beach Florida

WARNING*: this video has been dramatized for the enjoyment of the young surfers involved :)Shark sighting during the Gnarly Charley Grom Surf contest in Sat...

Tanner was not only cool, calm and collected. He was apparently talented enough to come in first place in his division!

[Source: Florida Surfers Facebook]

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