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I DO like supporting small business. But I don't think I'm their target customer. But for the hipster, organic types, I think you'll dig this place lots. As I mentioned, online reviewers love their breakfast items, salads, soup and wraps. I just found it too overpriced for what you get. It's still a spot I'll pop into from time to time.

This wasn’t my first visit to JJ’s. It was a place I used to stop from time to time on my drive to the radio station when I used to live on the Hillsborough side. Now that I live on the Pinellas side, I don’t often head east. JJ’s is one of those places the hipster organic crowd will love. Yelp reviewers loves this place. The employees are always friendly. On this visit, the woman working behind the counter was coughing and sneezing and didn’t wear a mask, which honestly bugged me a bit. But I’m not the type to complain, especially since they’re always super nice there.

JJ’s is across from the race track on Gandy on the St. Petersburg side. Most JJ’s fans like their sandwiches and soups, craft beer selection and wine. They have harder to find items you won’t see on the shelves at Publix. For example, they had a Chicago pizza in the freezer that got my transplant friends super excited when I shared a photo on Facebook. Let’s give you a quick tour.

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