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It’s been watching over Tampa International Airport for nearly half a century. Now, it’s in serious need of being replaced.

The airport has been undergoing a multi-billion dollar upgrade. However, they haven’t been working on the tower. When the elevator and air conditioner failed, it became a ‘distraction’ to those air traffic controllers who spend their days inside. This includes a walk up 20 flights of stairs in the Florida heat.

Government officials say it’s time to replace the tower. The structure is said to have cracked windows, bad water pipes and sewage issues. Things that can be a problem to those working in a high-stress environment.

The FAA is hoping that the infrastructure bill that legislators are considering will include the much needed funding to fix these issues.

The Tampa facility also is home to the radar that supports airports around the region, including Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Brooksville and Lakeland. However, the equipment is now considered to be outdated.


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