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A Pasco County woman got a nice surprise as she learned just what she had won.

Heather Walters, 56, of Zephyrhills won from the “$5 Gold Rush Supreme” scratch-off game. She won $1 million, and chose to take the lump-sum payment of $880,000 at the Florida Lottery Headquarters in Tallahassee.

Heather purchased the ticket at the Winn-Dixie located at 36348 State Road 54 in Zephyrhills. The store will receive $2,000 for selling the ticket.

Heather told the Florida Lottery:

“When I realized I had a match, I began slowly scratching to reveal what the prize was. At first, I thought I had won $1,000, then $100,000 – imagine my shock when I kept scratching to reveal three more zeros!”

In a press release, the Florida Lottery wrote that Walters also said “playing the Lottery is a favorite pastime of hers and her lifelong best friend. They enjoy the fun of playing, and were overjoyed to share in the excitement of winning such a large prize.”

When this game first began in January, prizes for “$5 Gold Rush Supreme” ranged from $5 to $1 million. 6 of the 24 $1 million top prizes are still available.

[Source: Florida Lottery]

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