NORTH PORT, FL - SEPTEMBER 20: A North Port Police officer stands in the driveway of the family home of Brian Laundrie, who is a person of interest after his fiancé Gabby Petito went missing on September 20, 2021 in North Port, Florida. A body has been found by authorities in Wyoming that fits the description of Petito, who went missing while on a cross country trip with Laundrie. (Photo by Octavio Jones/Getty Images)


The search continues for North Port’s Brian Laundrie. The FBI is on the case, but so is the internet. Even Dog The Bounty Hunter showed up in Florida to get answers.

There is so much interest in finding Brian Laundrie that cash rewards now total over $100,000 according to Channel 8’s Josh Benson. He tweets that the Boohoff Law Firm has put up $20,000 and Gabby Petito’s neighbor Jerry Torres has offered $10,000 to bring Brian Laundrie out of hiding. Benson says that in total $120,000 is on the table for someone who knows where Brian Laundrie is.

Channel 8’s J.B. Biunno tweets that North Port Police say the search at Carlton Reserve is being “scaled back” & “targeted based on intelligence.” Others near the search confirm things are very quiet this morning in the area.

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